cPanel & WHM Version 84 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Way back link from webmail to cPanel

Not Planned John C. Email Comments: 2 Reply 9 hours ago by John C.
2 votes

Maria 10.4 support

Open Discussion Nuno Database Comments: 15 Reply 6 days ago by B. K.
63 votes

MySQL 8.0 Support

Planned Jonathan W. Database Comments: 25 Reply 10 days ago by Jacob H.
176 votes

Daily email summary of BoxTrapper Review Queue

Open Discussion Joel W. Email Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by
9 votes

ActiveSync with Horde 5.x

Open Discussion AdminWim Third-Party Integration Comments: 57 Reply 2 years ago by
113 votes

Has PollMake it easier for me to see new feature requests.

Open Discussion Comments: 3 Reply 17 months ago by J. F.
44 votes

Add Support for TLS 1.3

Pre-Release ciao70 Security Comments: 14 Reply 10 days ago by cPanelTabby
129 votes

Manage backups of terminated accounts

Open Discussion Nathan L. Accounts Comments: 28 Reply 3 days ago by holeinthewall
77 votes

Add ANAME records to the DNS zone editor

Open Discussion ethical DNS Comments: 1 Reply 3 days ago by Morten
22 votes

.Net Core support

Open Discussion Rodrigo S. HTTP Comments: 28 Reply 3 days ago by Willie B.
95 votes

Export dns zone file option in WHM

Open Discussion spaceman DNS Comments: 15 Reply 3 days ago by spaceman
64 votes

Active-Active Redundancy or High-availability

Open Discussion Michael K. Core Services Comments: 21 Reply 3 months ago by Marcelo P.
348 votes

Apache Module: mod_auth_kerb

Open Discussion Maik L. 9 hours ago HTTP No Comments
1 vote

Disable Remote MySQL in cPanel

Open Discussion Accounts Comments: 11 Reply 7 days ago by Web H.
53 votes

Writing webserver error logs as files

Open Discussion Viktor S. 10 days ago No Comments
1 vote

Per account backup policy

Open Discussion David H. 5 years ago Backups, Restores & Transfers No Comments
8 votes

Staged or staggered backups

Open Discussion tloosle Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 1 Reply 4 years ago by Travis E.
2 votes
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