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.Net Core support

Open Discussion Rodrigo S. HTTP Comments: 24 Reply 1 day ago by benny@cpanel.net
53 votes

Ability to compress existing email

Open Discussion cPanelMichael Email Comments: 2 Reply 3 days ago by Morten
9 votes

native .net framework support

Open Discussion Chris D. Third-Party Integration Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by Abiezer M.
11 votes

Complete Amazon S3 Backup Solution

Open Discussion Julio B. Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 8 Reply 1 week ago by Alessio P.
73 votes

dovecot shared folder/mailboxes

Open Discussion Marcin W. 1 year ago Email No Comments
5 votes

Change root password in WHMDNSOnly

Open Discussion Vladislav K. Security Comments: 2 Reply 9 months ago by graciemilligan
4 votes

CRON jobs: Ability to run a cron job on the fly.

Open Discussion chud37 User Interface Comments: 1 Reply 5 days ago by Larisa M.
5 votes

Tomcat Support in EasyApache 4

In Progress benny@cpanel.net HTTP Comments: 25 Reply 1 week ago by Nasser
61 votes

Google Apps Gmail Integration

Open Discussion Nathan L. Email Comments: 9 Reply 1 year ago by Douglas P.
51 votes

remove the use of .contactemail hidden file

Open Discussion cat1234 9 months ago Security No Comments
4 votes

Web Command-Line Shell

Completed cPanelFelipe Core Services Comments: 2 Reply 4 days ago by benny@cpanel.net
9 votes

MemcacheD in EasyApache4

Pre-Release jmginer HTTP Comments: 14 Reply 9 months ago by Stas
64 votes

Webmail 2FA

Open Discussion Mike A. Email Comments: 5 Reply 1 year ago by benny@cpanel.net
15 votes

Add MariaDB 10.3 support

Open Discussion Adarsh M. 1 week ago Database No Comments
5 votes

Manage backups of terminated accounts

Open Discussion Nathan L. Accounts Comments: 24 Reply 4 weeks ago by myusername
71 votes
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