cPanel & WHM Version 88 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Maria 10.4 support

Open Discussion Nuno Databases Comments: 33 Reply 8 days ago by morrow95
83 votes

option to prevent forwarders to free email accounts

Open Discussion Jason S. Email Comments: 13 Reply 2 months ago by Deepak M.
36 votes

MariaDB 10.5 support

Open Discussion B. K. Databases Comments: 4 Reply 14 days ago by B. K.
42 votes

Autoresponder enhancements

Open Discussion Chris G. 7 months ago Email No Comments
5 votes

Detect and remove expired domains

Open Discussion Stas 23 days ago Domain Management No Comments
2 votes

Add ANAME records to the DNS zone editor

Open Discussion ethical Domain Management Comments: 1 Reply 5 months ago by Morten
32 votes

Backup Destination FTP with SSL/TLS support

Open Discussion lorio Backups Comments: 14 Reply 19 months ago by
57 votes

Add support for mod_pagespeed to easyapache4

Pre-Release wouta Web Servers Comments: 45 Reply 7 days ago by Thomas b.
123 votes

Enable IPv6 by default on account creation

Open Discussion James T. Account Administration Comments: 11 Reply 7 days ago by Arjen E.
70 votes

multiple named accounts per reseller

Open Discussion NOC_ 2 years ago Account Administration No Comments
4 votes

Exim outgoing e-mail filtering

Open Discussion postcd 3 years ago Email No Comments
4 votes

SMTP Disabled Restrictions per Account

Open Discussion onlineth Email Comments: 2 Reply 13 months ago by Matt K.
5 votes

Ability to disable Default Mailbox

Open Discussion Nathan L. Email Comments: 26 Reply 19 days ago by Bastiaan B.
72 votes

Allow backups transferred to Amazon S3 to specify storage class

Open Discussion Ryan Backups Comments: 4 Reply 11 days ago by 7445678710aBc
21 votes

Export dns zone file option in WHM

Open Discussion spaceman Domain Management Comments: 18 Reply 5 months ago by Richard R.
74 votes

Package and features matrix table

Open Discussion jndawson 5 years ago Account Administration No Comments
4 votes
10 votes

CardDAV support

Completed autumnwalker123 Email Comments: 8 Reply 5 years ago by Kenneth P.
24 votes
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