cPanel & WHM Version 78 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Update WP-CLI to the latest version

Open Discussion Max-PlotHost 44 hours ago Third-Party Integration No Comments
2 votes

DMARC installation global

Open Discussion Melanie Email Comments: 3 Reply 4 days ago by PH-Quentin
41 votes

Add option to control ServerAlias www entries for subdomains

Open Discussion Ken S. HTTP Comments: 3 Reply 9 months ago by David R.
5 votes

cPanel image optimizer

Open Discussion Chris D. 2 days ago Core Services No Comments
1 vote

Cacti to replace Munin or additional to Munin.

Open Discussion cPanelPeter 2 days ago API No Comments
1 vote

Support for AWS RDS as Remote MySQL Server

Pre-Release auschef Database Comments: 24 Reply 8 days ago by
60 votes

Better preview for sites

Open Discussion Tom W. 23 months ago Accounts No Comments
6 votes

Limit API Token to a specific IP Address

Open Discussion Mike Security Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by Monarobase
9 votes

DNSSEC support in Clustering

Open Discussion DNS Comments: 48 Reply 37 days ago by Kristian L.
235 votes

Add DMARC to the Email Deliverability UI

Open Discussion User Interface Comments: 6 Reply 21 months ago by Marcelo P.
72 votes

MySQL 8.0 Support

Open Discussion Jonathan W. Database Comments: 5 Reply 4 months ago by Morten
95 votes

Amazon Route 53 as a DNS cluster

Open Discussion Abilash P. DNS Comments: 10 Reply 2 years ago by Trekker J.
43 votes

Ability to compress existing email

Open Discussion cPanelMichael Email Comments: 7 Reply 2 months ago by overseer
39 votes

Contact manager

Open Discussion Xristos K. 8 days ago User Interface No Comments
1 vote

Encrypt email with s/mime certificate

Open Discussion John C. Email Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by Server S.
10 votes

Remote domain verification

Open Discussion Alex 9 days ago User Interface No Comments
5 votes

DMARC Check for Incoming Mail

Open Discussion Joe B. Email Comments: 4 Reply 14 days ago by BlogLogistics
60 votes
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