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81 votes

Tomcat Support in EasyApache 4

In Progress benny@cpanel.net HTTP Comments: 27 Reply 2 weeks ago by benny@cpanel.net
63 votes

Add MariaDB 10.3 support

Open Discussion Adarsh M. 1 month ago Database No Comments
10 votes

Sieve support for Dovecot

Open Discussion enboig Email Comments: 20 Reply 1 year ago by Douglass C.
59 votes

Export dns zone file option in WHM

Open Discussion spaceman DNS Comments: 13 Reply 1 week ago by Mikko K.
36 votes

Restore from remote backups

Open Discussion DanH42 Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 9 Reply 2 weeks ago by sp3ctre69
126 votes

Redis cache For cpanel

Open Discussion Mahmudul H. HTTP Comments: 13 Reply 1 year ago by dhaupin
59 votes

Upgrade PowerDNS to 4.1

Open Discussion Ходоренко М. DNS Comments: 1 Reply 4 days ago by benny@cpanel.net
1 vote

Active-Active Redundancy or High-availability

Open Discussion Michael K. Core Services Comments: 22 Reply 1 year ago by Alan
257 votes

nodejs Hosting

Open Discussion Ahmad A. Core Services Comments: 42 Reply 2 weeks ago by benny@cpanel.net
289 votes

Allow skip-name-resolve in the MySQL configuration.

Open Discussion David L. Database Comments: 8 Reply 1 month ago by benny@cpanel.net
27 votes

Transfer tool to have synchronise option

Open Discussion Plesk4lyf 1 week ago Migrations No Comments
2 votes

WHM Notes

Open Discussion sonnyk User Interface Comments: 6 Reply 1 week ago by benny@cpanel.net
8 votes

install plugins roundcube

Open Discussion coriaweb User Interface Comments: 5 Reply 11 months ago by Kaydet.Net
10 votes

Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certificates

Open Discussion B. K. Third-Party Integration Comments: 6 Reply 2 months ago by Jeremy F.
65 votes
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