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Add option to control ServerAlias www entries for subdomains

Ken Swarthout shared this idea 1 year ago
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As a cPanel user, server administrator, or a webhosting provider I would like cPanel to stop the automated addition of a http://www.subdomain.domain.com ServerAlias, as these ServerAliases do not provide any practical use and unnecessarily bloat the Apache and DNS configuration file (significantly on servers with a larger number of subdomains), or at least a tweak setting that would allow me to disable these superfluous subdomains on servers that I manage.

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I see not too many people voted for this idea, but I think it is more important now, than ever before, that cPanel implements this, especially for people who are now using the AutoSSL feature. It seems, at least on my system, AutoSSL is generating certs for the various ServerAliases. This is fine for the main domain, but not for the sub-domains! http://www.whm.example.com doesn't exist on my server, but AutoSSL seems to try and generate a cert for it anyways. Because there's a limit on the number of certificates AutoSSL will authorize for a virtualhost (100 for Let's Encrypt, 200 for Comodo), I firmly believe that this feature will benefit a lot of people. My understanding of how it works currently, every single domain and subdomain has a www alias. So, if you're using the Let's Encrypt plugin, that gives you only 50 domains per certificate. If that's wrong, please correct me.



I have similar issues: 1) I do not want the www (and mail) subdomains generally, and 2) I especially do not want them in context of AutoSSL, as is mentioned above. Cheers :)