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EasyApache 4 PHP-FPM Status Page for Individual Pools

Open Discussion Jasper HTTP Comments: 1 Reply 3 days ago by Wajdan
36 votes

Server configuration and data auto-sync (mirroring)

Open Discussion Nathan L. Core Services Comments: 16 Reply 4 days ago by Tomas G.
139 votes

Reseller or WHM Admin user account without a cPanel account

Open Discussion Mike Accounts Comments: 15 Reply 4 days ago by Tomas G.
123 votes

Multiple remote Apache servers

Planned Feature I. Core Services Comments: 16 Reply 4 days ago by Tomas G.
125 votes

IPv6 support for the rest of the services

Open Discussion Kenneth P. Core Services Comments: 10 Reply 4 days ago by coriaweb
48 votes
758 votes

MySQL Backend for PowerDNS

Open Discussion DNS Comments: 11 Reply 5 days ago by The O.
49 votes

DNSSEC support in Clustering

Open Discussion DNS Comments: 69 Reply 6 days ago by Nick A.
260 votes

Active-Active Redundancy or High-availability

Open Discussion Michael K. Core Services Comments: 20 Reply 6 days ago by Protos
325 votes


Open Discussion Richard A. DNS Comments: 2 Reply 6 days ago by Metro2
9 votes

Restore from remote backups

In Progress DanH42 Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 34 Reply 6 days ago by N S.
203 votes

MySQL 8.0 Support

Open Discussion Jonathan W. Database Comments: 13 Reply 7 days ago by jmginer
130 votes

Enhanced rsync backup, daemon support

Open Discussion Nathan L. Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 2 Reply 7 days ago by Norman C.
17 votes
4 votes

Authenticated Received Chain

Open Discussion Yehuda K. Email Comments: 1 Reply 11 days ago by rclemings
3 votes

Allow to clear/rotate logs at Mod Security > Hits List

Open Discussion Marcelo P. User Interface Comments: 1 Reply 12 days ago by bellwood
5 votes

Implement ZFS Support

Open Discussion Tony H. Core Services Comments: 2 Reply 12 days ago by Mārtiņš M.
20 votes

Enable file-based OpCache for PHP 7.0/7.1

Open Discussion sparek-3 HTTP Comments: 9 Reply 13 days ago by Mark K.
13 votes

Enable spell check plugin in SquirrelMail

Not Planned cPanelChrisD Email Comments: 1 Reply 13 days ago by cPanelPhil
1 vote

squirrelmail is old and looks like from the 1990

Not Planned Gabriel B. User Interface Comments: 1 Reply 13 days ago by cPanelPhil
3 votes

Django support

Completed Nathan L. HTTP Comments: 22 Reply 13 days ago by cPanelPhil
116 votes
19 votes

.Net Core support

Open Discussion Rodrigo S. HTTP Comments: 26 Reply 15 days ago by
89 votes

Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certificates

Open Discussion B. K. Third-Party Integration Comments: 22 Reply 16 days ago by Mike F.
200 votes

U2F as additional 2 Factor Authentication method

Open Discussion Cas E. Security Comments: 10 Reply 23 days ago by Kristian L.
30 votes

Add AfterLogic Webmail Lite

Open Discussion Stefan P. Email Comments: 16 Reply 26 days ago by Spy B.
73 votes

Allow users to change the DocumentRoot

Open Discussion Juan B. HTTP Comments: 4 Reply 27 days ago by Kai
36 votes

Support for RHEL 8 and CentOS 8

Open Discussion Andrew Core Services Comments: 7 Reply 28 days ago by InterServed
21 votes

OpenLiteSpeed as drop-in for Apache

Open Discussion Mitchell v. HTTP Comments: 1 Reply 32 days ago by Mohamed A.
12 votes
28 votes

Maria 10.4 support

Open Discussion Nuno Database Comments: 2 Reply 34 days ago by Nuno
19 votes
5 votes

Concurrent backup processes.

Needs Feedback Accounts Comments: 4 Reply 38 days ago by Gary S.
2 votes

Email Security Policy - Force email password changes

Open Discussion MikeDVB Accounts Comments: 16 Reply 39 days ago by Tony L.
65 votes

install plugins roundcube

Open Discussion coriaweb User Interface Comments: 8 Reply 42 days ago by David P.
17 votes
2 votes

More selective backup restore options

Open Discussion jmginer Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 2 Reply 43 days ago by John H.
1 vote

Disabling PHP for an account or reseller

Open Discussion Nathan L. Accounts Comments: 7 Reply 45 days ago by Volodymyr P.
19 votes

Configure Remote Service IPs API

Open Discussion cPanelKyle API Comments: 1 Reply 47 days ago by andyf
5 votes

SMTP Disabled Restrictions per Account

Open Discussion onlineth Email Comments: 2 Reply 49 days ago by Matt K.
4 votes

Limit API Token to a specific IP Address

Open Discussion Mike Security Comments: 2 Reply 49 days ago by andyf
9 votes

Create folders on the INBOX level in Dovecot

Open Discussion Feature I. Email Comments: 7 Reply 52 days ago by Monarobase
14 votes

Support for AWS RDS as Remote MySQL Server

Completed auschef Database Comments: 26 Reply 53 days ago by Tomas G.
60 votes
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